Photos of the first 
(Click on picture for large view.)
2 trains.jpg Trains passing under elevated rapid transit. 2 tunnels & station.jpg Transit and RR tunnels separated by station. freight yard.jpg F7 emerges from tunnel.
Harlan Mill2.jpg Industry at foot of Palisades. panaroma.jpg Panoramic view including control panels. panaroma2.jpg Transit passes over yard with Palisades in background.
sightseeing & yard.jpg Sightseeing self-propelled car stops near yard tower sightseen & GG1.jpg Sightseeing car above GG1 transit atation & tunnel.jpg Transit at station
transit el station.jpg Transit elevated station

transit over yard.jpg Elevated passes over main yard

The following photos show the demolition of the first 

demolition1.jpg demolition2.jpg demolition3.jpg

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